What Do They Do Now?

Sergio Mitre stunk today. It’s not really a shocker, the guy has a 5.27 career ERA in the bigs, but worth noting because it probably eliminates him from the rotation competition. I say probably because Joe Girardi has a weird affection for Mitre. Not sure why, but you have to say he does.

Assuming Mitre is really out, that leaves Garcia, Colon and Nova as the remaining candidates. I have said this many times over the past few months and I will say it again now- the Yankees are nuts if they don’t give Nova one of the spots. Nuts because Nova has only allowed two earned runs this spring, but even more nuts because Nova is a legitimate option for the future while Colon and Garcia are not. Nova in the 2011 rotation means you probably only need one guy to break into the 2012 rotation. It’s such an obvious decision, you can only hope the Yankees make the right one.

But what do you do with Garcia and Colon? Personally, I would cut Mitre and keep them both, but even if you do that, which one goes into the rotation? From what my eyes have seen this spring, the answer is Colon. From what my head can analyze, the answer is Garcia.

Remember, the last time Colon actually made more than 18 starts was when he won the Cy Young in 2005. Garcia did manage 157 big league innings last year and those should count for something. Realistically, both of them will either get bombed or get hurt long before September rolls around, but the Yankees need to think about the first half of the season for now. Which one of these guys gives you the best chance to win every fifth day right now? Despite Colon’s spring numbers, I still say Garcia is the answer. If it were up to me, I would add them both to the roster, release Mitre and see what Garcia does in the rotation. If he bombs, Colon is right there to take over. If they both bomb, you have to hope that a Phelps, Warren or Noesi is ready to step up.