Thanks For Nothing YES

I was really excited to see the Yankees game tonight and get a chance to see Manny face a very good lineup. So, I was a bit perturbed when I switched over to ESPN 2 tonight and didn’t find the game. After doing some digging online, I found out that YES kept the game off the air in New York City because they own the “territory rights”. So, I didn’t get to see Manny pitch against what just might be the regular Red Sox lineup, but I can see the boxscore. 2.2IP 2 H’s 0R 3BB’s 2K’s.

The number one question with Banuelos will be how many innings can he give the Yankees organization this year? He threw 109 in 2009, but only managed 64 last year when he missed a big chunk of the year due to an appendectomy. I can’t imagine the Yankees will let him pitch more than 140 innings this year so they are going to have to get creative if they want him to be able to make an impact on the big league roster this year.

I imagine they will keep his starts short in Trenton and Scranton when he gets there. Even with that, he is probably going to have to be either shutdown or sent to the bullpen somewhere around August. We will probably see the same thing happen to Betances as well. While it’s fun to see these two starters and think about how they can help the club in the future, it will probably only be as relievers in 2011 if at all.