A Bench Hint

LoHud is reporting the Yankees will bring Eduardo Nunez off the bench to play left in tonight’s game.

This makes it pretty easy to see what the Yankees want to do with their bench this season. Assuming they take 12 pitchers, they have room for four guys off the bench. We know Andruw Jones is one of them and we can probably assume Montero is another. That gives you an OF and backup catcher. The backup infielder spot comes down to Pena or Nunez and now both of them could be called on to play the outfield in an emergency. That’s important because it would allow the Yankees to feel pretty good about Eric Chavez or Jorge Vazquez being the fourth guy on the bench. Chavez can cover third and first, Vazquez may only be able to cover first, but the Yankees would have an emergency outfielder in Nunez or Pena.

A bench of Jones, Montero, Chavez and Nunez would be the best bench the Yankees have had to start the season in years. You would have two good righty options to pinch hit with and a decent lefty one. Nunez can certainly steal a base when needed and you have extra depth at every position except the middle infield. It would be a weird experience having a bench that could be productive. After all, last year the Yankees opened with Cervelli, Winn, Thames and Pena as their bench.