Suddenly A Door Opens

The word out of Tampa is that Francisco Cervelli has a fractured foot and will be in a walking boot for the next four weeks. That obviously creates a need for the Yankees in terms of backup catcher and there are a number of ways they could go.

They could let Jorge Posada assume the role of backup, but I would guess they won’t.

They could give the job to Jesus Montero.

They could try and get another veteran or let Gustavo Molina take the role.

1997 probably provides a good guide of what will happen. That was the year the Yankees made Jorge Posada Joe Girardi’s backup and let him start 52 games behind the plate. They viewed it as a chance for Girardi to mentor Posada. Well now it’s Posada’s turn to be the mentor and with Girardi and Pena also in the dugout, Montero will have plenty of people who can advise him.

You have to feel for Cervelli, there is a good chance he just got Wally Pipped.