Zip It Bobby

In what has turned out to be a bit of a circus, the Bobby Jenks vs. Ozzie Guillen fued is hopefully over. At least publicly.

In recent weeks and months, Jenks has found the need to talk about the Chicago White Sox manager and the White Sox organization as a whole. Guillen, never one to stop talking, has returned serve on each occassion.

This has to be a major distraction for Terry Francona. It seems he took Jenks aside and told him to knock it off and focus on pitching for the Red Sox in 2011. The fact Francona had to step in tells you a bit about how Bobby Jenks operates. He clearly is acting in an immature fashion and apparently doesn’t realize his jabbing distracts his manager, teammates and organization as a whole.

Jenks doesn’t arrive here is with a stellar reputation as far as off-field behavior and this affair is providing a glimpse into how he operates. Hopefully Francona has managed to turn off the spigit on this particular issue and hopefully Jenks will learn from this and consider the ramifications of his words before he speaks them. I’m not holding my breath.