Thoughts On Game 1

Wasn’t it great to see baseball again? Are you as excited as I am to see boxscores again? Well, I watched most of the game today, though I will admit that I flipped to the St. John’s-Nova game a bunch too, and here are my observations.

Bartolo Colon looked enormous. While he wasn’t awful, that stuff would be killed in the AL East. Granted, it’s only start 1, but he needs to do a lot more to make me feel confdent.

Joba Chamberlain looked enormous. However, he pitched incredibly well. I saw 94 on the gun and a filthy slider.

David Phelps did not pitch very well, but Hector Noesi did. I hope, hope, hope both of them get a legitimate shot at the rotation.

Eduardo Nunez made a really nice play at short. Looked pretty good at the plate too.

Jorge Vazquez unleashed a bomb of a homer. I’m not sure how he would fit on this team, but he could be a very nice bat to have on call in AAA.

Francisco Cervelli looked a lot slimmer and didn’t have his “famous” batting helmet.

Anyway, onto game 2!