A Good Review

Baseball Prospectus posted its evaluation of the Yankees’ farm system today and it was a good one. They listed four players (Montero, Sanchez, Banuelos and Betances) as “five-star” prospects. For the sake of comparison that equals the total number of five-star prospects the Yankees had from 2008-2010 using their system. (Montero last year, Montero and Jackson in 2009 and Joba in 2008). There are the standard concerns about Montero’s catching ability and Sanchez’s too, but both are considered high impact bats. Banuelos and Betances project as front-line starters though they caution that Betances could be a bust.

One interesting feature is the ranking of the top-10 players in the organization born after 4/1/85. On that list Montero is still first, but Hughes is second and Joba sixth. David Robertson is mentioned as someone who just missed the cut.

Most encouraging is the summary they provide of the system: The Yankees system had plenty of talent that can help soon, plenty of talent to dream on at the lower levels, and plenty of pitching that will serve them well in the trade market. This is easily one of the better farm systems in the game.