Two B’s Are Not To Be

No shocker, but the Daily News is reporting that Betances and Banuelos will open the season in Trenton. Between the two of them they have combined for only 29 innings at AA so sending them back there is completely the correct move.

What the story does clarify is the competition for the back of the rotation. Specifically it names Nova, Brackman, Warren, Phelps and Noesi as in contention along with Mitre, Garcia and Colon. I have a hard time believing Warren and Brackman are ready to make the jump from AA to the majors without some more seasoning at AAA and while Noesi has 20 innings at AAA, he hasn’t made it to camp yet because of visa issues.

That leaves Nova and Phelps as the two candidates from the minors with the best chance. Nova “should” be a lock for the rotation considering the ability he showed last year, but he also needs to have a good camp. Unfortunately, I think the Yankees will be too tempted to round out the rotation with a “name” rather than give Phelps much of a chance, but he could certainly open some eyes in camp. I bet Garcia and Nova get the call. What I hope beyond hope is that the Yankees don’t bring Kevin Millwood into camp, two recycled veterans are enough.

And I should probably mention that I was the guy who said there was no way Joba doesn’t win the 5th spot last February!