Minor Moves

The Yankees continue to stockpile All-Stars from the early 00’s. Yesterday they added Ronnie Belliard and Eric Chavez. Now they just need to create a time machine and head back to 2002 with a team of Chavez, Belliard, Colon, Prior and Garcia!

In all seriousness, these moves fall into the “why not” category. We all know what Ramiro Pena can do (field) and cannot do (hit). The Yankees gave him 167 plate appearances last year and he amassed a line of .227/.258/.247. They need to find a way to upgrade that and while I seriously doubt Belliard or Chavez is the answer, at least the Yankees are still looking for one.

It also reinforces my belief that Eduardo Nunez is going to spend the first part of the year in AAA. I don’t think the Yankees know exactly what Nunez is yet. Is he a major-league caliber shortstop or another Ramiro Pena with a better bat? More time at AAA will help them figure that out.