Round 2, Day 2- Yankees

The 1998 Yankees almost made a great comeback. Down 3-1 in the series, they rallied to tie things up with an incredible Game 6 performance. They actually had a lead in Game 7, but Jeff Nelson couldn’t hold it and the 1961 Yankees advanced.

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Personally, I am kind of shocked that the 1961 Yankees are in the finals of the “Yankees Bracket” Despite their 109 regular season wins, a lot of critics have dismissed them as overrated. While that label may be overstating it, they did have a pythagorean record of “only” 103 wins. I really thought the ’98 team would take them out, but it was not to be and now we have a really good matchup between ’61 and ’27 to look forward to. Games 1+2 are Monday night.