Andruw Jones On Board

The Yankees have signed Andruw Jones to a one-year/$2 million deal with incentives that could increase it to $3.2 million. I really like this deal.

Marcus Thames was a lot of positive things for the Yankees last year, but he wasn’t an outfielder. Putting him in the outfield was an adventure at best. Now Jones is not the outfielder he once was, but he can still play out there and play all three positions. Throw in his .256/.373/.558 line against LHP last year and he is a perfect fit for a team with two lefty-swinging outfielders.

With Jones’ addition, the Yankees pretty much have their roster set. I would imagine this is close to what they will come north with.

Catchers (3) Posada, Martin, Cervelli (Yup, if Posada is DH’ing every day they won’t just carry him and Martin)

Infielders (5) Tex, Cano, Jeter, ARod, Pena (pencil in Pena for now)

Outfielders (5) Garnder, Granderson, Swisher, Jones and Golson (pencil in Golson for now

Pitchers (12) CC, AJ, Hughes, Nova, Mitre, Rivera, Soriano, Joba, Robertson, Feliciano, Logan, Sanchez (pencil in Sanchez for now)

Obviously, the big question is the fifth starter and the Yankees could make a move there. I think they will open with Pena and Golson on the roster, but Nunez and Laird could change those plans. I still think that Nunez will open in AAA, just to keep him sharp, but if he really has a big spring, the Yankees could go north with him. For Laird it will really come down to showing he can handle big league pitching and the outfield. If he can do both, he would be more valuable than Golson.