Think About It

Hey, did you hear that the Yankees are considering bringing Johnny Damon back to the Bronx? Wait a second, Damon’s still lefthanded and the Yankees already have a lefty outfield? What, Damon can no longer play passable defense in the outfield? He only stole 11 bases last year? How does this make sense?

I suspect this is a case of a guy who is well liked by many in the press planting a story to increase interest around the league. If Damon didn’t do this himself, we certainly know his agent is capable of doing it. This rumor made no sense from the start. If the Yankees wanted a bat who can’t play defense, Marcus Thames would be a much, much better fit. Plus, would Damon be happy coming off the bench? Until the Yankees spend some money, there are going to be rumors about all sorts of players.

With that I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Unless something new happens in Yankeeland I will post again in 2011.