Wheelering and Dealing

The Red Sox have signed another bullpen arm in Dan Wheeler. He is an AL East veteran and seems like a good addition, especially on a 1-year deal (2nd year vests with 65 apps).

The Red Sox bullpen has gone from empty to full in short order, something I assumed would happen. Why would the Red Sox trade for Adrian Gonzalez and sign Carl Crawford if they were going to ignore one of their biggest problems last year, the bullpen.

Wheeler will be a middle reliever and joins Bobby Jenks as newly signed bullpen arms. While Felix Doubront remains the best lefty option, it is being said that the Red Sox prefer to start Doubront in the AAA and want to bring in another veteran lefty option.

This news is 2 days old, just trying to get caught up. With all of this movement, I have to remember, no official baseball for another 3 1/2 months. The will be one long off-season.