A Second Lefty

Yes, it is too much money, but the Yankees are paying the market rate with the signing of Pedro Feliciano. Jon Heyman reports that it is a two-year deal for $4 million per. I wish I could throw a baseball with my left hand.

In his career, Feliciano has held LHB to rates of .214/.282/.297. Combined with Boone Logan (.190/.286/.215 in 2010) the Yankees have two guys who can shut down lefties in the bullpen. But, their presence will also create a problem.

Assume that the Yankees go with 12 relievers in 2011 and assume the Yankees around 940 innings of work from their starting pitchers. Assuming they have 1,440 innings to cover (AL average), that leaves 500 innings for the bullpen to deliver. With Logan, Feliciano and Rivera, you probably have no more than 200 and that might be generous. That leaves at least 300 innings for the remaining four guys, or 75 each.

Normally, that wouldn’t be a big number, but look at the Yankee totals from last year. Joba pitched 71, and Robertson 61. In 2009 Hughes and Aceves both cracked 80, but Hughes made 7 starts. The point is, Joe Girardi is going to have to adjust his style and use his relievers more or the Yankees are going to have to shuttle guys up and down most of the season. Nothing to worry about right now, but something to keep in mind as the season gets going.