That’s A Hometown Discount

Kerry Wood has apparently taken a one-year/$1.5 million deal from the Cubs. Apparently he was seeking two years and something like $12 million from the Yankees and even turned down a one-year/$3.5 million deal from the White Sox.

While I would have gladly welcomed him back for $1.5 million, I am not too upset to lose Wood. His 0.69 ERA with New York was impressive, but he also walked 20 in 28 innings. Allowing only 2 of the runners who reached base to score was pretty lucky and he won’t repeat that feat again in 2011. Tim said in the comments the other day that you can’t handicap middlemen and I agree. We have seen the Yankees spend money on Karsay, Farnsworth, Gordon, etc. and not get what they thought they were getting. I would spend money for Feliciano because he is death on lefties and then save my nickles, unless Soriano decides to become a setup guy.

Brian Cashman reiterated today that Joba Chamberlain is headed for the bullpen. I think that is a mistake, but I understand why the Yankees don’t want to jerk him around again. However, if Andy Pettitte decides not to come back, the Yankees really need to rethink that decision.