No Way!

Reports are floating that the Red Sox have signed Carl Crawford to a 7-year, $142mm deal. Wow.

I never expected them to throw this kind of cash around to a player like Crawford. He is good, don’t get me wrong, great with the glove, very, very fast and hits for a high average, but he isn’t patient, nor does he hit for much power. Some power yes, but not that much…right?

I will say this, because it isn’t my money, this is a great signing. But if it were my money…I’d be asking my GM to meet me for a personal one-on-one to evaluate things. $20mm+ on two offensive players in one off-season is just too much to comprehend.

OK Red Sox, you have just entered the world of the New York Yankees. You now have 2 players making north of $20mm per season (not quite yet, but in 2011 you will). Time to get ready to defend paying one player, let alone two, that kind of scratch.

If this really is true, the Red Sox line-up would look very lefty and something like this (I will not guess on the specific outfield positions just yet):

of – Crawford
2b – Pedroia
1b – Gonzalez
3b – Youkilis
dh – Ortiz
of – Cameron
of – Drew
c – Saltalamacchia
ss – Scutaro

Where is Ellsbury in all of this, I don’t know. I’m confused. Ellsbury and the Red Sox clearly didn’t get along in 2010, so this might be his farewell. Or, considering the left-handed nature of this line-up, maybe the Red Sox know something I don’t. Seriously, my cat knows just a bit more than me, but I can totally confuse her on the “I’m throwing the toy but not really routine” so I’ve got that going for me. BTW, my cat wasn’t my doing, but she is a welcome addition…very smart and tenacious with a cat toy thus far. Seriously, she’ll mess that toy up!

Wait, what was I talking about? Right, too many lefties in the line-up. My guess is that Ellsbury is moved. That would clear something or other up in the line-up, right? Ok, I give up, many lefties, many lefty outfielders, tell me what’s next please.

I’ll comment more after my cat sits me down and explains things to me. Off to sleep.