Money, Money, Money

Here’s an interesting stat. As of this moment, the Yankees and Red Sox have committed a total of $1.2 billion in player salaries through the 2018 season. And that money is almost evenly divided 50.7% is owed by the Yankees, 49.3% by the Red Sox. If Cliff Lee signs for $150 million that figure goes up to $1.35 billion and the percentages adjust to 56.8% to 43.2%.

As we wait for Lee to make up his mind, there are a few other stories and rumors to kick around. Let’s start with the Rule 5 draft where the Yankees took 2 pitchers. Of the two, Robert Fish, a lefty from the Angels, seems to have the better chance of sticking, but it is a small one. The fact is, Fish hasn’t pitched well above A ball, but the Yankees can bring him to camp and see if he can get big league lefties out. As I said yesterday, no harm no foul.

The second pick seems to be more about messing with Boston than anything else. The Yankees took Daniel Turpen, a guy who hasn’t pitched all that well for the Red Sox but has been mentioned as the possible PTBNL in the Adrian Gonzalez trade. Considering this guy is a righty who just put up an ERA over 4 in AA ball, I think the Yankees spent $50,000 to make Theo’s life a little bit harder.

The other rumor is that both the Yankees and Red Sox have made offers to Russell Martin. From a Yankees standpoint, it makes a lot of sense. Yes, Montero could hit the cover off the ball in camp and step right into the starting catching job, but what if he doesn’t? Furthermore, promoting him on Opening Day starts his arbitration clock, guaranteeing he will be a “Super 2” and forcing the Yankees to pay him a lot of money a year sooner than they would have. (Give them a break, they already are on the hook for $613 million over the next 7 years) Martin isn’t a huge upgrade offensively from Cervelli (.264 TAV vs. .261) but he is an upgrade defensively. I would not have traded for him last week, since he would have cost too much in arbitration, but if the Yankees can get him for $3 or $4 million, I say do it.

I now return you back to “The Cliff Lee Watch” Please stay away from sharp objects.