Everybody’s Talking And No One Says A Word

I thought a John Lennon quote would be the perfect way to sum up today at the Winter Meetings- consider it a tribute to someone who was taken from us far too soon, 30-years ago tonight.

Lots and lots of talk, but not much substance. Here’s what we sort of know-

The Yankees made an offer for a six-year deal between $137.5 million and $150 million to Cliff Lee. Lee’s agent took off to Arkansas to discuss things with Lee and he might have two offers of seven years from “other” teams.

Andy Pettitte hasn’t made up his mind and the Yankees seem ok with that. But, there is a chance they will go after Lee and Crawford if Pettitte were to retire.

The Rule 5 draft is tomorrow at 9am.

I mention the Rule 5 draft because there is a solid chance the Yankees make a selection or two. The 40-man roster sits fairly barren right now with 33 names on it. I can’t really imagine the Yankees signing more than four free agents in addition to Jeter and Mo and even that would leave three open spots. If they see a name or two they like, perhaps a lefty relief candidate like Scott Diamond, available, it only costs them $50,000 to grab them for a six-week tryout in spring training. If they stick with the club that’s great. If not, they can actually get 1/2 the money they spent back. It really wouldn’t surprise me to see the Yankees make a pick or two.

For now, that may be the biggest action we see. Cliff Lee has some offers to consider, who knows how long that process will take.

Back after the Rule 5.