I Could Do Without the Drama

Does every Red Sox move have to involve such drama? There was the Curt Schilling Thanksgiving dinner, the failed Mark Teixeira pursuit and now this. Seriously, think back to when Theo Epstein himself walked out on the Red Sox. Maybe it’s his way of keeping things interesting.

Alas, it is now being reported that the Red Sox have gone ahead and traded for Adrian Gonzalez anyway, despite not inking him to an extension. My theory is that the Red Sox didn’t really want to sign him immediately to an extension, rather they wanted to sign him once the 2011 started as any deal signed after the start of the season wouldn’t be factored in for luxury tax purposes. You know, maybe the past 36 hours were designed to build the framework of a deal and intentionally table it until April.

Pretty smooth if so, and I’m sure against the rules of baseball and also risky because Adrian and co. could always have a change of heart. Just a guess on my part, but there have been plenty of writers pointing out the benefit if waiting until April.

Regardless, I’m glad it is done and he will be a more than welcome addition to the squad. I’m still chewing on just how I’d construct the line-up with the pieces they have now, but as we all know, the line-up isn’t that important, but it is fun to talk about.