What This Means

Assuming the Adrian Gonzalez deal gets done, the Red Sox will have added some power to their line-up. But at the same time it means Adrian Beltre is gone as he has no position to play. Beltre was great in Boston in 2010 and added a great deal of power (.553 slg%). But what worried me most about him is that his 2 best years, by far, have been contract years. And in 2009, another contract year, he was hurt. I just don’t think making a long term commitment to a career .790 OPS player is a good risk and that OPS is skewed by 2 really good seasons.

Sean McAdam of CSNNE.com also brings up a good point that with the addition of Gonzalez, Carl Crawford becomes a much less likely addition as the team would be too lefthanded (Ortiz, Gonzalez, Ellsbury, Drew). So maybe Jayson Werth is their next target. Werth has more power, a better eye, but doesn’t run as well and is as good a fielder. He is also older. I’d still like Werth though as he has power and patience.

Back to the Gonzalez deal, the Red Sox reportedly are giving up Ray Fuentes, Casey Kelly, Anthony Rizzo and a player to be named later. Those are the 1, 3 & 6 ranked minor leaguers per Baseball America and 1, 3 & 18 per SoxProspects.com. San Diego is getting a big haul, but the Red Sox are getting a proven player. I like this deal. It adds a very well rounded player in his prime.

Here is the line-up if these deal goes through and no other adds are made:

c – Saltalamacchia
1b – Gonzalez
2b – Laser Show
3b – Youkilis
ss – Scutaro
lf – Ellsbury
cf – Cameron/Kalish
rf – Drew
dh – Ortiz