Bad Comparison

Derek Jeter’s agent, Casey Close, might want to take a closer look at pinstripe history. Close said the following about Jeter:

“There’s a reason the Yankees themselves have stated Derek Jeter is their modern-day Babe Ruth. Derek’s significance to the team is much more than just stats. And yet, the Yankees’ negotiating strategy remains baffling.”

Perhaps Close didn’t realize it, but the Yankees cut Babe Ruth’s salary by almost 30% for the 1934 season and really only brought him back that year so he could hit his 700th home run as a Yankee. Somehow I doubt that’s what Mr. Close was trying to get the Yankees to do.

But, the reports continue that Derek Jeter is unhappy with the Yankees offer of three years and $45 million. My question is, where else in baseball is Jeter going to find an offer even close to that?

I could see a team giving Jeter two years and maybe $25 million if they absolutely had to have him, but coming off the year he had, anything more than that on the open market seems improbable. So, I think the Yankees have made a very fair and generous offer. It keeps Jeter as the highest-paid middle infielder in the game. It gives him a third year, something I don’t think the Yankees had to do and something that will keep him in New York until he is on the cusp of 40. Compared to what the market might offer, this is a very clear sign of respect.

I guess it’s just baffling to his agent.