New Pitching Coach

The Red Sox, like the Yankees, found themselves in need of a new pitching coach this off-season. Well today, they announced a replacement. ESPN is reporting that the Red Sox have named Curt Young their new pitching coach.

Young comes from Oakland and arrives with a good reputation, from what I can tell. Upon learning that Young had decided to walk away from Oakland, pitcher Dallas Braden said of Young, “This came as a complete shock. He’s been that accessible, everyone’s-favorite-uncle figure, a guiding light for us. He taught me how to study within the game, what to look for. He always understood my role and put me in the best position to succeed.”

This move signals the real start to the off-season. As Peter mentioned in his prior post, there are only 5 days before free agency, so things will get nutty in short order.

Pressing issues for the Red Sox include whether or not to exercize David Ortiz’s 2011 option for $12.5mm. Or then can decline it and hope to negotiate a 2-year deal (or more…their call). Also Victor Martinez will be a free agent and NESN’s Peter Gammons believes Martinez will not re-sign, instead preferring a longer term deal with Detroit.

Gammons also speculates that the Red Sox will be prime bidders for Carl Crawford’s services. Crawford is a player that seems better in person/tv than his stats otherwise suggest. He has a career .337 OBP, granted his early years were lousy on the OBP front and have been better 4 of the last 5 seasons, but overall, he isn’t a lead-off calibre hitter but rather someone who could his 2 or later down in the order. Where he does dazzle is on the basepaths which accounts for his misleading perception.

These things will sort themselves out in short order and I’ll post on projected line-ups, etc.