Didn’t See That Coming

LoHud is reporting that the Yankees are parting ways with Dave Eiland.

I am somewhat stunned by that move for a number of reasons. Start with the fact that it seemed like Eiland and Girardi got along and worked well together. Is this a Steinbrenneresque shot across the manager’s bow?

And, Eiland is widely spoke of as the only person who can communicate with AJ Burnett. Granted, it didn’t work very well, but the Yankees still owe the guy $50 million and they are removing one of his big security blankets.

But, there are certainly some reasons not to bring him back. Joba Chamberlain has regressed under his watch. Phil Hughes started strong, but faded in 2010. Javier Vazquez completely imploded- though I am not sure we can blame that on Eiland. And, as I mentioned above, Eiland hasn’t handled AJ very well.

So the Yankees now get to add pitching coach to their “to do” list.

One last thing. There are a lot of ugly rumors out there about Eiland and where he was when he took his leave of absence in June. Brian Cashman didn’t do Eiland any favors by saying that the reason for the dismissal isn’t for performance but for “private” reasons. That will only stoke the rumor mill. I hope people remember that it is a private matter and let Eiland just focus on himself now.