Lose The Binder, Keep The Manager

The Yankees first move this offseason should be too retain their manager. Yes, Girardi drives me nuts with his binder of small sample sizes, but the fact remains that overall he has done a good job. He is very good at developing arms in the bullpen and he usually seems to have the right touch with his players. If you disagree think about this, where would David Robertson be right now under Joe Torre? Probably having arm surgery. Where would Curtis Granderson be under Joe Torre? Probably not someone who looks like he can hit 40 homers next season.

Yes, Joe goes to the binder too often and his insistence on changing his number to 28 still bugs me. But he won 89 games in 2008, when the team absolutely fell apart due to injury and he won a world championship in 2009. I firmly believe he mismanaged this team in September, but that is a mistake that didn’t prove fatal in the first round, so it is something we should all agree to forget. And apart from a miserable managerial performance in Game 4, you can’t blame him for the ALCS. The Yankees hit .201 in the series and had an ERA over 6. It’s really a miracle they won two games with those stats.

So I say bring him back, burn the binder and tell him 28 is his number for life no matter what happens. With the Cubs having filled their manager position, the Yankees don’t have to overpay or overextend themselves. The Yankees should put Joe’s salary in the three-million range and give him another three-year deal.

Once that’s done, the real work begins.