Let’s Try This Again

Leaving soon for Game 5, hopefully this time I can bring a win. Before I depart, a few notes about last night’s game.

Joe Girardi needs to add a page to his infamous binder. A page with the unofficial rules of baseball listed. You know things like never make the third out at third base. He should then highlight the rule about never putting the go-ahead run on base. I didn’t like sticking with AJ in the sixth inning, but I can understand Girardi’s reasoning. However, once he decided that David Murphy was a bad matchup for AJ, he needed to reach for another pitcher.

Girardi would probably counter with the argument that he wanted a lefty in that situation and since he only has Boone Logan in the pen, he wanted to save him for later. That’s why the Yankees should have taken Royce Ring and not Sergio MItre. They didn’t do that in part because Girardi said he liked the way some of his righty relievers throw the ball against lefties. So where were those guys in the 6th inning then? It doesn’t add up.

Things look bleak right now, but teams have certainly come back from 3-1 before. As the cliche goes, one day at a time.