The Worst Section In Yankee Stadium

Tonight was a strange night for me. I went to the game with a buddy, ran into a relative before the game started and ended up in a section which was 90% Rangers fans. And to make matters worse, Cliff Lee destroyed the Yankees tonight.

I loved the energy in the stadium tonight. Even after Pettitte made his one mistake, the fans were into the game. But, Lee just sucked the life out of the place. It’s pathetic how happy everyone was when he finally walked a batter, spoiling the perfect game. The guy has clearly set himself up for a huge payday this offseason. I only hope the Yankees don’t give him more than 4 years.

Anyway, despite the groans I heard about AJ Burnett taking the mound tomorrow, and they are understandable, Game 4 is really about the Yankees’ offense. Tommy Hunter is not a strikeout pitcher and he has a 6.75 ERA in 2 career starts against the Yankees. If the bats can’t get it done tomorrow, they are not worthy of winning this series. And, if the Yankees win Game 4, CC takes the ball on Wednesday with the chance to pitch the Yankees to a 3-2 lead.

More tomorrow (actually, later today)