It’s A Simple Game

Coming back one night from 5-0 is lucky enough. Expecting it to happen twice is really greedy. Obviously, something has happened to the Yankees’ pitchers between the Minnesota series and now. Maybe that’s too simplistic and the Texas hitters deserve the bulk of the credit, but the Yankees should explore this further. One theory I have is that they have had way too much rest. I could be wrong, but If I am Joe Girardi, I am whispering to CC Sabathia that he may get the ball in Game 4.

Anyway, the Yankees actually accomplished what they needed to in Texas. If the Rangers didn’t have Cliff Lee going in Game 3, I think everyone would be in a pretty good mood right now. Lee’s going to be a bear, but the Yankees can beat him. They just need their starter to keep them in the game for more than an inning.

Back tomorrow.