An Imperfect Plan

On a rare night when we had free babysitting, my wife asked me to consider going out to a movie since we see about one a year. Thinking about the game and my wife, I figured the perfect solution was to DVR the game and come home later and watch it. Unfortunately, I never factored in text messages into the equation. They started early with predictable panic and moved onto euphoria later in the evening. Throughout them all, I never looked at a score, arriving home in the 9th inning and watching that live before rewinding the remainder of the game. Lesson learned, in the 21st century you can’t avoid hearing about the game in some fashion. Also, “The Social Network” was excellent.

As for the game, what else do you need to say besides “wow”. The Yankees pulled it out of the fire tonight. But, Joe Torre always said that momentum was the next day’s starting pitcher. If the Yankees can leave Texas with a 2-0 lead they would really have a handle on the series. If not, they have done what they absolutely had to in Game 1.

Back tomorrow.