Who Do You Want In Game 7?

As the Yankees talk about setting their rotation, it seems to me that Game 7 should play a big part of the discussion. We pretty much know the rotation is going to line up like this:

Game 1- CC
Game 2- Pettitte/Hughes
Game 3- Pettitte/Hughes
Game 4- AJ
Gmae 5- CC
Game 6- Pettitte/Hughes
Game 7- Pettitte/Hughes

The Yankees could bite the bullet and try and pitch Sabathia on short rest twice (Games 4+7) but I think we will only see that if they are down 2-1 or 3-0 heading into Game 4. Assuming they are ahead, they will give the ball to AJ.

That means you have a choice of Pettitte or Hughes in Game 7. It’s a tough call. Pitching Hughes in Game 2 means both his starts are on the road in this series and he has a career ERA of 0 at the Ballpark in Arlington and has allowed only 3 hits in 15 innings. Pettitte has been awful in Texas, posting an 8.22ERA in 38 innings. But I still think that of the two, Pettitte is the guy I want with the ball in his hands and the season on the line. I say give Hughes the ball in Games 2+6 and let Andy take it in Games 3+7.