Step 1

Leave it to Jorge Posada to sum this one up as “the first step of three”. While the Yankees don’t appear to be going nuts on TV, they deserve a celebration. They swept a very good Twins team with ease. That’s a pretty great accomplishment.

There are so many things to feel good about. Pettitte and Hughes were great. The lineup looked really good and delivered a lot of key hits. Nick Swisher seems to be over his postseason blues from 2009. The only dark cloud, if you want to look for one, has to be Kerry Wood. Wood looked bad in Games 1 and 3, not exactly the “lockdown” guy the Yankees hoped for.

But that’s a minor complaint. What the Yankees just did isn’t easy and the ramifications of it are huge. By sweeping the Twins they get six days of rest heading into the ALCS. Looking ahead at the ALCS schedule, the Yankees could throw CC on three-days rest in games 4 and 7 if they wanted to and I bet they lean that way if they need to.

For now, enjoy the win. Let’s hope it rains in Texas for 3 or 4 days and then the Rays win Game 4. Follow that up with a 27-inning Game 5 and things will have really broken our way.

Tomorrow- thoughts on the ALCS roster.