Very Superstitious

One of the great things about baseball is all of the superstitions that the players and the fans have. Wade Boggs was famous for his pregame chicken meal. You always see pitchers step over the baselines on the way to and from the dugout. I succumb to them myself. On Wednesday I sent Andy a text to turn on the Phillies game, not daring to explain why.

Well Mayor Bloomberg clearly doesn’t believe in them. Yesterday he started talking about planning the Yankees’ World Series parade. Bad karma, your Honor.

Then again, this could all be a hideous plot constructed by a closet Red Sox fan. I remember when Mayor Mike first came on the scene and was asked if he was as big of a Yankees’ fan as his predecessor. He said that he grew up in Massachusetts and didn’t answer the question. He also heavily promoted the Mets when he first came into office. But being a smart politician, he quickly embraced the better ballclub and now you can see him sitting in some very expensive seats during most Yankees’ playoff games.

So add a jinx to the list of things the Yankees have to overcome if they want to repeat.