“Our Goal Is To Win The Division”

That’s what Joe Girardi said, but his actions certainly didn’t back those words up. I think if you gave him truth serum, he would admit that he put winning the division below resting his players when push came to shove.

It’s water under the bridge now. The Yankees are going to be the wild card because they lost to Boston (As I write this Tampa tied up their game 2-2, so it may not matter what the Yankees did today.) That means they are headed to Minnesota for the start of the playoffs I imagine we will hear that Andy Pettitte is starting Game 2 with Phil Hughes starting Game 3 and CC on tap to pitch on short rest in Game 4. Considering the Twins hit .276/.343/.433 vs RHP and .269/.338/.403 vs lefties that makes sense.

It should be a very interesting October.