Game 162

It’s pretty amazing to think that it was almost six months ago that the Yankees started their season. On April 4th they blew a 5-1 lead at Fenway to start the season. 160 games later they arrive on the final Sunday of the season assured of a playoff spot, but unsure of which spot they will earn.

It’s funny how a season always winds from place to place. If we could rewind the tape three months we would be at a point when the Yankees’ rotation looked awesome and the very idea of adding Cliff Lee seemed an insane excess to some people.

That air of inevitability has clearly disappeared from the Yankees. Pettitte pulled his groin and missed two months, Vazquez fell completely apart, Phil Hughes struggled and AJ became AJ again. Unfortunately, there are no mulligans in sports. For better or for worse, the 2010 Yankees are going to have to rely on their bats and their bullpen to pull out a 28th crown.

I still believe that homefield advantage would be a big boost for this squad. It seems like over the last few weeks Joe Girardi whipsawed from wanting to win the division to not caring about it to wanting to win it again. It’s been a frustrating September, but after today the playoffs await and the slate will be wiped clean.