Super Saturday

Today is the biggest day of the Yankees’ season. By the end of it we will know the condition of their postseason rotation and we will have a chance of knowing when and where they will open up the playoffs.

Thanks to last night’s monsoon in Boston the Yankees and Red Sox will play two today. Shame on MLB for scheduling the second game at 9:05pm, but so be it. If the Yankees win those two games and Tampa loses, they are AL East champs. If the Yankees get swept and Tampa wins they are the wild card. The much more likely split means we have an interesting Sunday to look forward to.

But the performances of AJ Burnett and Andy Pettitte in their starts today/tonight are the biggest result. The Yankees are going to need one, if not both of them, to be good in the playoffs. The Yankees want to feel good about giving them the ball and their performances today will determine that. Considering all the stories about Andy’s back this week, the Yankees need to see him go out there and perform.

The Yankees have caught a number of breaks over the past few nights. Who thought Bruce Chen would channel his former prospect status and pitch like that last night? The Red Sox also lost today’s starter and their thirdbaseman heading into the weekend. Now it’s up to them, as Ernie Banks once said, “let’s play two!”