Two Worth Reading

As the Yankees continue their September swoon, it is worth reading two pieces on the web today. First, start with Joel Sherman’s indictment of Joe Girardi’s managing these past few weeks. I have been moaning about it for weeks, but I think Joe needs to get everyone together before tonight’s game and talk about how the job isn’t done. He needs to look them all in the eye and promise he will manage for wins until the Yankees wrap up a playoff spot. He will promise that until that happens, it’s all hands on deck.

The second piece to read is this one, which may calm you down a bit. Playing off of it, even if the Yankees lose their next four games and the Red Sox win their next five, New York will come into the final weekend with a one-game lead. Now clearly, that would be a team entering Fenway in dire straights, but they would still have the better odds statistically. The real crime is that we are even talking like this, but that is where we stand with one week left in the season.