The Yankees have shown over and over again that they are not concerned with winning the division, but scratching Phil Hughes and starting Dustin Moseley is a different type of decision. By doing this, they are giving the Red Sox a speck of hope, albeit a small one. All it takes is another loss tomorrow and suddenly you have Moseley on the mound trying to stop a Red Sox sweep. And yes, while even with a sweep the Red Sox are still in serious trouble, why even create the situation?

What benefit is there to moving Hughes’ start to Wednesday, other than assuring he will only make that start this season? Assuming he is in the playoff rotation, he is still going to have a long layoff before his next start. (If you say he is the #4 guy, then the layoff would probably be 10 days) Is there that much of a difference between a ten-day layoff and a two-week layoff? I don’t think so.

The Yankees can make this somewhat moot with a win Saturday, but it is a bad decision. Clinch the playoff spot, then rest the players.