Conflicting Information

YES gave conflicting information about the Yankees-Rays playoff tiebreakers last night. During the rain delay the played an interview Kim Jones did with Joe Maddon where she told him that the Rays would hold the tiebreaker if they won one of their remaining two games against the Yankees. During the game, Michael Kay said the tiebreaker could come down to divisional records. Based on this, I think Kay is right.

The Yankees have to win today to even the season series. That would bring in the second tiebreaker, divisional record. The Yankees are 35-27 in the AL East, the Rays are 40-28. The thing is, Tampa only has three games remaining against the AL East, while the Yankees have all of their games remaining against the AL East. So, if the Yankees, including a win today, finish 6-4, they will have a 41-31 record in the division. That would mean that Tampa would have to win two-of-three against Baltimore next week to take the tiebreaker. (assuming of course both teams end up with the same record)

Are you confused yet? Well, let’s kick it up a notch! If the two teams are tied after applying the divisional tiebreaker they would go to the second-half tiebreaker. Which, I believe the Rays would win because they finished the first half behind the Yankees and therefore would have to have a better second half record to tie the Yankees. Just don’t quote me.