Who Can it Be Now

Imagine my surprise yesterday, while stopped at a red light on Rt 9 eastbound in Brookline, when who should I see but the General Manager of the Boston Red Sox.  He was driving a very spiffy 5 or 7 Series BMW.

Once I concluded it was actually Epstein (no doubt it was him, my brain just took a few seconds to actually believe it was him), I quickly fumbled for my notebook entitled "What went wrong for the Red Sox in 2010."  Being that Epstein was behind me, I had to figure out a way to get next to him, you know, to share my thoughts on the season.  I was certain he’d be interested.

We both took a left on Brookline Ave, a double lane road that is a straight shot past the hospitals, right to Fenway.  I gave him the left lane while I took the right, when all of a sudden, he hooked a left at Aspinwall Ave and left me going straight on Brookline.  I’m mean, seriously, he mustn’t have seen me.  I only had gems of wisdom to offer and I’m sure I looked level headed and calm.  No chance he saw my police ankle bracelet.

Well, just like my conversation with Theo that never started, the 2010 season never got going.  With Coolstandings.com giving the Red Sox a 0.4% chance of making the playoffs, I don’t feel too bad throwing in the towel at this point.

Yes, they made a nice mid-season run, but poor play, injuries and a lack of anything dynamic doomed this team from the start.  They’ll still win close to 90 games, but that just isn’t enough in the AL East.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll discuss the projected additions and subtractions by the Red Sox in hopes of building a better squad for 2011.  What will the free agent market look like and will the Red Sox actually partake in free agency given the recent mixed back of free agent signings (Lackey and Beltre).

When will the Red Sox develop a power hitter (still waiting current Red Sox ownership) and might we see an outfield of Ryan Kalish, Jacoby Ellsbury and JD Drew next year?  Let’s just let this season slip quietly away and start to get ready for 2011.