Strange Thinking

Let’s move beyond the positive for a minute and ask a couple of questions about tonight’s game. Start with this- considering Ivan Nova’s track record to date, why didn’t the Yankees have anyone warming up in the sixth inning? Next question is why did Girardi let Nova dig the hole he did in the sixth before replacing him? And finally, considering the fact that the Yankees used Robertson, Wood for more than an inning and Rivera tonight, what was Gaudin doing in that game in the sixth? Why didn’t Girardi go to Robertson and then figure it out from there/

It all worked out in the end and with the Red Sox loss, the Yankees have an 8-game lead with 12 to play. The only thing working agains them is the fact that six of their remaining games are against the Red Sox. But, they control their own destiny, now they just have to figure out what they are going to make of that.