Not Bad

The Yankees almost pulled off a perfect ceremony for George Steinbrenner tonight.  It was surprisingly understated and they made the very smart move of inviting Joe Torre and Don Mattingly back to Yankee Stadium to start rebuilding the relationship between Torre and the team.

But, they had to get a bit hyperbolic on the plaque.  Crediting Steinbrenner with making the Yankees the most famous sports team in the world is a slap in the face to all the history that came before him.  George "led" the Yankees to seven titles, they won 20 before he showed up.  What George really did was restore the Yankees to glory and he did it twice.  First when he originally bought the team and then in the mid-90’s when he started listening to guys like Bob Watson and Gene Michael. 

Now we’ve got a pretty big ballgame going on.  The Yankees really need to take 3-of-4 if they want any chance of winning the division.  The rookie gets the ball tonight, back after the game.