Time To Wake Up

The Yankees have gone 9-7 over their last sixteen games. The problem is that they went 8-0 over the first half of that stretch and 1-7 over the second. And they only won that game with a walk-off homer against the Orioles.

None of that really matters at this point now because the next 11 days bring seven games against the Rays. As I noted last week, the Yankees have to come out of this stretch with a lead over Tampa if they want to have any hope of winning the division.

We will learn a lot about the Yankees over this stretch. I am really interested in tomorrow night’s game and the pitching of Ivan Nova. If he can turn in a good performance against the Rays in Tampa, you have to consider him for a postseason rotation spot. Phil Hughes has a huge start on Wednesday as he needs to show something. Hughes hasn’t been the same pitcher since May and the Yankees may have to resign themselves to the fact that he is suffering from a bit of a dead arm at this point and can’t be counted on for the playoff rotation.

It should be an exciting stretch. The Yankees have a lot of questions hanging over them as they head into the final 19 games of the season.