A Matter Of Trust

It’s 5-3 Yankees in the bottom of the sixth and Joe Girardi just pulled Javier Vazquez after 88 pitches and a leadoff single that was more about luck than anything else. Mitch Moreland is due up next for Texas and while he is off to a nice start in his career it’s hard to see how he is the guy you want Boone Logan to get out when Josh Hamilton is sitting on the bench. (Logan just walked him to make matters worse and Robertson is coming in) What bothers me about this move is that it really shows how little Joe Girardi believes in Vazquez. I’m not going to pretend that Vazquez has given Girardi a ton of reasons to believe in him, but this hook seems especially harsh. Coming on the heels of last week’s hook in the fifth inning it tells Vazquez that his manager has no confidence in him. Whatever you think of Javier Vazquez, the guy has managed to win 152 games in the majors over his career. I think Girardi would have been smart to leave him in there for another batter and save his only lefty reliever for later. Instead he has dealt another blow to Vazquez’s confidence and the Yankees will head to the 7th inning leading by a run and without a lefty in the pen if Josh Hamilton should pick up a bat tonight.