An Interesting Comment

Jack Curry gave a report during the third inning of the game tonight where he discussed a conversation he had with Brian Cashman. Cashman praised CC Sabathia and in speaking of a playoff rotation said that it would be Sabathia followed by 2 or 3 pitchers from a group including AJ, Pettitte, Hughes, Moseley and Vazquez. Ivan Nova was specifically excluded because they don’t want to put that kind of pressure on him now.

I’m certainly not ready to hand Nova anything, but how can you consider Dustin Moseley for a playoff start and not consider Nova? And while we are at it, what about Chad Gaudin who has a sub-4 ERA since coming back from Oakland? The playoffs are clearly all hands on deck and to me it shouldn’t matter much who the pitchers after CC and Pettitte are, just that they are the ones currently pitching the best. If Nova is rolling, give him the ball. Plenty of rookies have taken the ball and succeeded in the playoffs, including a 20-year old Sabathia in 2001.