Through Gritted Teeth I Say…

Let’s go Red Sox. That’s right, for the next three games, and those three games only, I want to see Boston win. The reason of course is that they play Tampa and the Yankees need to build a bigger cushion against Tampa.

The Yankees need to build as big a gap as they can between themselves and Tampa before the final 9 games of their season. When the Rays depart Yankee Stadium on September 23rd, they will return home to face Seattle and Baltimore before heading to KC for a four-game series to end the season. The Yankees will have to face Boston six times and Toronto three over that same span, with the final six games on the road.

A lead heading into those games is a must. The way things shape up right now, it’s between New York and Tampa for the best record in the AL. The winner gets homefield until the World Series while the loser gets the wild card and a tougher route through the playoffs. So, let’s go Boston, but just for these three games.