Back to the Future?

Word has trickled out that the Red Sox have claimed Johnny Damon off of waivers from the Detroit Tigers.  Damon can veto a deal the Red Sox, so nothing is certain.  While digesting that, consider the rumor that the LA Dodgers are poised to waive Manny Ramirez and suddenly the Red Sox could be fielding 2/3 of their outfield from both their 2004 WS team (Damon and Manny) and their 2007 WS team (Manny and Drew).

Now if we could only track down Mark Bellhorn.  Mark?  Mark!!!

There’s no doubt Manny Ramirez could help the Red Sox.  Could help the Red Sox.  Then again, he might come to Boston and promptly suffer from a bad haircut and wind up on the 15 day DL.

The question of value comes into these kinds of discussions.  Would Damon be an upgrade over McDonald, Nava and Kalish?  Probably, but enough to get them to playoffs?  Very hard to say.

Manny, with his .912 OPS yes, but would he actually try?  And more importantly, do the Red Sox really want either of these guys back?  Consider how and why they left.

Damon settled for a 4-year deal with the Yankees after complaining that the Red Sox didn’t offer him a 5th year and Manny, well, Manny is a stooge.  He faked his way out of Boston and has essentially admitted as much.  For all of the physical talent he was given, he was severely shortchanged on the common sense gene.

Damon and Ramirez have talent, but at this point, I’d prefer to see Kalish and Nava (and others) take over the day to day outfield duties.  I’m not sure they are better at this point in their respective careers than Damon and Manny, but at the same time, I’m thinking Damon and Manny are best suited for their current .500 situations.  Retirement is nearing for both and they might not have the energy for a Last Harrah.