Strange Thinking

It’s weird, but for all we hear about Joe Girardi and his heavy use of stats, last night’s lineup made no sense.  With Felix Hernandez on the mound, the Yankees had to maximize offense and with two lefties facing them later in the weekend, it made all the sense in the world to let Cervelli catch Saturday instead of Friday.  But, Girardi chose to start Cervelli against the righty and compunded the error by letting Pena start at third instead of Nunez.  It didn’t make a difference, thanks to another Burnett beauty, but why put two dead spots in your lineup?

The Yankees have 40 games left and they have some real problems in the rotation.  And it’s going to get worse with Phil Hughes and his innings limit.  Hughes is currently around 30 innings away from his reported limit.  With 40 games remaining, it doesn’t seem like there is any way the Yankees will be able to keep him under that limit and be able to use him as a starter in the playoffs. Short of shutting him down right now and then building him back up in a couple of weeks, how can they do it? 

And with this year’s playoff schedule, the Yankees absolutely have to have four starters.  Brian Cashman better start picking up the phone, because this group needs a lot of help.