This Isn’t Working

Dustin Moseley is rapidly becoming a problem.  It should not be an unexpected problem, but with Andy Pettitte on the shelf and Phil Hughes rapidly approaching his innings limit, it is a big problem.  Moseley is showing why he has been a fringe player his whole career.

In fact, you could argue that Moseley is sort of a knock-off version of Chien-Ming Wang.  He doesn’t strike many guys out and he needs the ball to sink in order to stay effective.  Last night, the ball didn’t sink and the results were bad.  We’ve seen 40 innings from the guy and to pretend he has reinvented himself this year in the minors is no longer realistic. He is striking out fewer batters and walking more.  He is also giving up more home runs. If the Yankees didn’t have any alternatives, you would just bite your lip and grimace at this point.  But, they have two big alternatives.  Ivan Nova, who pitched last night and Alfred Aceves, who is rehabbing right now.

Nova has been brilliant in AAA posting a 2.86ERA and since the All-Star Break he has posted a 1.96 in 41 innings.  This is the #1 in-house candidate for the 2011 rotation and leaving him in the minors right now is a colossal waste.  I’m not sure what the Yankees are doing with him, but I wish somebody in the press would ask Girardi if he is a consideration at this point. 

The Yankees could also stretch out Alfredo Aceves and hand the job to him.  Aceves threw 35 pitches the other night, so it would take some work, but the Yankees considered him a starter candidate in camp and they might do so again.  Either way, the Yankees can’t keep running Moseley out there as a starter.


Is there anyone out there who thinks that Gaudin wasn’t trying to hit Cabrera?  I would bet almost anything that with the game where it was, Joe Girardi told Gaudin to go in and hit Cabrera and then once he was ejected, they would bring Robertson in.  I’m not sure why Gaudin didn’t get ejected (both benches had been warned already) and I am also not sure why Enrique Gonzalez didn’t get tossed for his pitch behind Jeter.  

As for Damon’s comments that Gardner’s slide was dirty.  Do you expect Damon to have a lot of good things to say about the current Yankee leftfielder?