Today Would Be A Good Day To Win

Last night wasn’t good, but the Yankees need to make sure that today isn’t a repeat performance.  CC takes the mound and if the Yankees lose, AJ and Moseley follow Sunday and Monday.   If the Yankees lose today’s game, they are suddenly in very dangerous waters, best to avoid them and win today.


The news that the Knicks have actually brought Isiah Thomas back into the organization reminds me of the bad Steinbrenner days with the Yankees.  For George Billy Martin was a guy he just seemed obsessed with.  For Dolan it is exactly the same as with Isiah.  Unfortunately for the Knicks, Martin was much better at his job than Isiah is at his.  Most people forget that Yankees’ fans would have taken anyone else as the team’s owner in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  If they need a reminder of that feeling, talk to a Knicks’ fan this morning.