Once More Unto The Breach Dear Friends

It’s somewhat amazing, but since the last time the Yankees and Red Sox met on May 18th they have both won 42 games.  Go back to the standings on the morning of May 19th and you will find Boston at 20-20 and New York at 25-14.  Fast forward 2-1/2 months and the Yankees and Red Sox are almost exactly where we last left them.  Despite all the trials and tribulations, the teams are six-games apart, only 1/2 game more than where they were on May 19th.

For the Yankees, this series presents an opportunity to really deliver a blow to the Red Sox.  If New York takes 3-of-4 or sweeps, then Boston will have to overcome a 8 or 10-game lead to catch New York.  With under 50 games remaining, that would be a significant lead to overcome.  But two wins is certainly acceptable and really any result short of a sweep will work.

It should be a fun weekend, expect posts and the occasional tweet (@yankeesredsox)