This Is Bad

One step forward, two steps back?  Just when the Red Sox were starting to get some players back, they lost their most important offensive weapon for possibly the season.  Kevin Youkilis ruptured a muscle in his thumb and if the injury requires surgery, he’ll be lost for the year.

The injury bug continues with the ramifications visible by looking at the starting outfield last night; Bill Hall, Darnell McDonald and Ryan Kalish.  Not really the Jim Rice, Fred Lynn and Dwight Evans troika, is it.

Youkilis is going for a consult today to determine the course of action but no matter what the decision, he is likely going to be sidelined for some or all of the stretch run.  Now more than ever this team will need to rely on the pitching staff and defense to win games.

On a side note, Mike Lowell was activated and inserted at firstbase last night and provided the game winning RBI.  I don’t think Lowell will be the fulltime replacement for Youkilis as his body probably isn’t up to it, but he’ll go from not playing at all to seeing significant action.

This really is turning into a transition year, whether that was the intent all along or not.